Ag Retailer Group Announces New Associate Member, Annual Report Published - 3/31/21

Government Impacts on Soil and Water in the 21st Century - YouTube video 2/25/2021
Click the heading to view a conversation between Brent Low, Vice President of Agronomy for Ag Partners LLC and President of Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance, and Roger Wolf, Executive Director of Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance and Director of Iowa Soybean Association Research Center for Farming Innovation. The pair discusses government impacts of soil and water in the 21st century and delves into a historical perspective of state and federal relationships on nutrient pollution challenges. They also share examples from other states and emerging approaches such as using Conservation Agronomists to reach more farmers on performing practices for soil and water conservation. The presentation was recorded and shared for an Ag Partners farmer meeting.

Ag Retailer Group Continues Commitment Toward Clean Water - 9/15/2020

Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance collaborates on new $25.8M project to increase conservation practices on Iowa farmland - 4/20/2020

Attend an informative workshop in Lake City on cover crops, edge-of-field practices  - 1/2/2020

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Joint release with The Nature Conservancy

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ACWA Endorses Iowa Water and Land Legacy Initiative (IWILL) on November 2nd Ballot
The ACWA Board has voted to support the IWILL initiative to provide a trust fund for land and water conservation projects in Iowa
and encourages others to vote to support this initiative. Read the editorial explaining the initiative. - 11/10